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This Harry Potter-Themed Classroom Has Gone Viral, and for Good Reason!

My classroom never looked like this!
Going back to school often has a more negative reputation. You have homework, tests, and, worst of all, waking up early. Thanks, but no thanks. However, if you had Tressa Bargella as your teacher this year then I’m sure you wouldn’t mind going to school everyday.


The third grade teacher at Valley View Intermediate School in Pennsylvania went cast a spell over her classroom with amazing Harry Potter-themed decor. Check out all the work she put into this wizardly project!


Harry Potter Classroom

Image Via ABC News


Harry Potter Classroom

Image Via Today

Harry Potter Classroom

Image Via Babble



Pretty sweet, right? I think all Potterheads would consider taking third grade math again if it meant they could hang out in this classroom. Check out the interview Bargella had with People Now below!






Featured Image Via ABC News