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These Teens Turned Their Old Books Into a New Wardrobe!

This is some serious talent.
Where do all those old books go when no one wants them anymore? Perhaps an island of misfit books? Maybe another dimension? In North Carolina, students made all that old fiction... fashionable.


At the New Hanover County Library in North Carolina, students and budding designers tapped into their artsy side to create something new. Fiction to Fashion is the library’s fourth annual design contest took place yesterday March 1st, where teens use old books, CDs, and cassette tapes to create something totally beautiful and unique! Check out last year's show video:


Eighteen designs comprised the runway show, but only five were chosen as the winners. These crafty outfits won any of these titles ranging from the Most Functional Design, Most Avant Garde Design, Best Accessory, Best Runway Swagger, to the Crowd Favorite. Tutus from old CDs, skirts from Manga comics, and paper ensembles inspired by the pages of Vogue all grace this event. Footage on the 2018 contest has not been released yet, but check out 2017’s fashion show photos, they're full of talent and definitely worth a look:
Fiction to Fashion




Fiction to Fashion

Feature Image Via New Hanover County Public Library