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[NSFW] These Photoshopped Children's Book Covers Are Totally Ridiculous

And they're very funny

Let's be honest, a lot of times, the covers were the best part of our favorite children's books. "Animorphs" had those crazy covers of people transforming into animals. And then there was that whole species of children's book that featured holographic covers.


Well, an anonymous artist has taken the initiative to improve some of these covers. Take a look at some of our favorites.


Cover of a book that features a heroic dog standing in front of a burning building, the fake title reads "Gonna Let This Mother Burn."



Cover is of two teenagers almost kissing, the girl giving the guy a side-eye, and the fake title is "He Just Ate a Whole Bag of Cool Ranch Doritos."



Cover of Sesame Street book featuring Ernie telling Bert that his opinions are shit.

via Buzzfeed


Cover showing two teen girls who look kind, but the fake title is "We Ate Our Parents."



The cover shows a beach volleyball game with an explosion in the sky in the background, and the fake title reads "Fucking Run the Sun Exploded."



Cover of a 101 Dalmatians children's book with all the puppies on the cover, and the fake title is "Because We're Catholic."

via Pinterest


The cover is of two teenagers tied up in a basement with an older man walking up the stairs, looking at them, and the fake title reads "Either of You Boys Want a Coke?"



Featured image courtesy of Rolling Stone