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10 of Our Biggest Pet Peeves in Literature

Whenever you spend a lot of time doing something you love, you’re bound to come across a few things that just bother you. Vacationing, for instance, is wonderful. But you also have to wait on security at the airport. Not fun. Food is also great. But you have to pay for it. Not fun.

The Music I Want You to Listen to While Reading

A lot of people I know absolutely reject the idea of listening to music while reading, citing total distraction as a consequence of doing so, but I find I get distracted if I'm NOT listening to music, especially if I'm attempting to read in public.

Let 2018 Be the Year of Speed Reading With This Handy Tool

If you’re reading this, I am going to assume you like to read books. And with the New Year just beginning, don’t you want to achieve your goal of reading more? Yes, yes you do. The common problem: you don’t read fast enough. When I try to read fast I feel like I miss the bulk of it.

11 Ways to Ruin Your Reading Experience

We’re all trying to beat our reading record from last year, and the best way to do that is to adopt some good reading habits. Maybe you invest in a nice reading lamp. Maybe you just bumped up your supply of bookmarks.

Sadness Can Make You a Better Reader, According to Science

If you're a bookworm, then chances are you know what the blues feel like. By blues I don't mean the sophisicated genre of music your grandparents probably listen to, I mean the sort of invisible, heavy cloak of sadness that we wear in our lives—some every day, and others every so often.

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