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10 of Our Biggest Pet Peeves in Literature

Whenever you spend a lot of time doing something you love, you’re bound to come across a few things that just bother you. Vacationing, for instance, is wonderful. But you also have to wait on security at the airport. Not fun. Food is also great. But you have to pay for it. Not fun.

5 Reasons Being a Slow Reader Is Actually a Good Thing

I've never been able to read books at a fast pace. Throughout school and college, my reading speed never increased, no matter how often I read—even when I was under pressure to read a novel a week for class, which absolutely did not happen.

Meet the Man Who Overcame Illiteracy at 47-Years-Old

According to a study done by the United States Department of Education, there are approximately 32 million illiterate Americans. Norman Brown of Bakersfield, California was one of these Americans, that is, until he signed up for tutoring at the age of forty-seven.

PBS Assembles an All-Star Panel for Their Annual Reading Event!

When it comes to reading, books, and literacy, we can never have enough inspiration. This is why I love to see some of the greatest authors and celebs step up and work their magic. Well now we’ve got an all-star group of authors to do exactly that across the whole nation.


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