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13 Memoirs About Celebrity Dads

Father's Day is approaching fast! It's a time to celebrate the dads in your life along with all of the advice, mentoring, tough yet unconditional love, and horribly cheesy jokes they bring to the table.



5 Reasons Why We Still Need Love Letters

Ah yes, there is nothing quite like romance and grand gestures. As cheesy as they may be, they’re even lovelier these days because they’re so uncommon. Who writes poetry for their love? Who plays them a song on their front porch?

5 Books For Those Soon-to-be College Graduates

Ah yes, May is the time of bright sunny days, budding flowers, and yes the ever-feared college graduation day. I know it well; it’s a feeling of excitement, relief, pride, and you’re looking forward to the next chapter. Many will say they feel free, I did too when I graduated!
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