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New James Patterson Novel Released for Facebook Messenger

It's a pretty typical belief that technology stands in the way of our collective ability to read a book or maintain a five-minute attention span (insert edgy comic art of headphones strangling teens here). In fact, technology has lead to groundbreaking developments in publishing.

This Judge Sentenced Teen Vandals to Read Important Literature

We live in a world where sometimes, the punishment doesn’t always fit the crime. And in this case, people seem to be divided when it comes down to history. It was in September 2016 that five teens vandalized the historical site Ashburn Colored School in Virginia.

Find out Your Crime Novel Pen Name With This Generator!

Whether it's J. K. Rowling becoming Robert Galbraith or Martyn Waites becoming Tania Carver, writers commonly change things up if they're putting out a crime story. Something about the arsenic, chalk outlines, and cigar smoke requires a brusque, stern-sounding name.

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