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9 Times 'Great Expectations' Was Heartbreakingly Beautiful

In all corners of the world, near and far, there is nobody quite like Charles Dickens. His name is held in high esteem due to the mark he left on history and in our hearts. Page by page, you fall in love with each word as the story stitches your heart back together.

Your Book May Be Infested With Bedbugs and Here's How to Tell

Hide your books, hide your beds, ‘cause these bugs are everywhere. If you get grossed out easily maybe you just shouldn’t read this, but it’s better to make sure you know what season it is, especially those who use public libraries. So why am I getting that creepy crawly itchy feeling?

8 Book-Themed Socks to Keep You Toe-sty

When I was growing up, I was always told that the clothes make the man. That’s why I wore graphic t-shirts until I was twenty-four. More specifically, I think, socks can really fill out your outfit. They’re like a mystery surprise for anybody who happens to look at your ankles.

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