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John Green Is Leaving Social Media for 2019 and We Can't Take It

No this is not a drill: John Green is quitting social media! For only a year it seems, but this is still devastating for all his fans and followers, who love him for various reasons like his hit novel and film The Fault in Our Stars and his YouTube channel Vlogbrothers.

10 Ezra Pound Quotes to Make You a True Poet

October 30th marks the birthday of one of the greatest American poets. Ezra Pound has set a high standard in what poetry is and what it means. From his work in the modern poetry movement to the development of Imagism, Pound was and still is a literary legend.


5 Books to Read if 'Hocus Pocus' Put a Spell On You

Aside from the holiday season, I’d say Halloween is also one of the most wonderful times of the year. The buzz leading up to October 31st and all the spooky, fun things that come with it are exciting as hell. Everyone has a costume to plan and party invites are going out.

Harry Styles Spotted Reading Up Ahead of Susan Sontag-Themed Met Gala

I was a huge One Direction fan throughout my teens and even past them. Actually, who am I kidding? I still listen to One Direction; I am not sorry for this. So you could imagine my excitement when I found out that the cool and fashion-forward Harry Styles will be co-hosting the 2019 Met Gala.
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