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Real Housewives Star Publishes Another Freakin' Book

When reading novels or watching their film adaptations, our love tends to grow for the characters we are drawn to, but what about real life stories? For some reason we find some people harder to love and understand than others.


5 Musician's Whose Autobiographies We NEED

To complement their wonderful albums, we need more work by these artists in which to immerse our lives. Here is a list of all the reasons why we want these autobiographies, even though some may be slightly impossible...


1. Jeff Mangum

Quiz: Can You Name These 10 Celebrity Autobiographies?

Celebrities love to share their stories with the world. Some of the most popular nonfiction books are memoirs and autobiographies from famous actors, singers, journalists, and comedians. They also have some of the funniest, most distinctive titles on bookshelves.

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