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10 Awesome Book Recommendations from John Green

John Green, our beloved patron saint of stirring young adult fiction, is a voracious reader. I don't understand how the man has time for anything, let alone the thousands of books that occupy his home library.

UK's Most Dynamic Indie Publishers Unite for a Podcast!

The Indie publishers known as Canongate, Faber, and Profile/ Serpent's Tail are releasing a podcast every two weeks to celebrate authors, bookshops and independent publishing! The podcast will be called "Read Like a Writer" and will be hosted by journalist Anna Fielding.

Joanna Gaines Threw the Pinterest-Perfect Literary Baby Shower

Officially dubbed 'Pinterest-worthy' by the internet, home improvement television star Joanna Gaines threw the perfect bookish baby shower this past weekend. Complete with larger than life books, watercolor centerpieces made from old books, and actual books themselves lining shelves. 

15 Book-Themed Instagrams to Enrich Your Feed

You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach as you're nearing the end of a really good book; that growing sense of excitement to see how it all unfolds, that thrill of feeling so deeply invested in a life other than your own, and that impending, dark-cloud feeling of "o

15 Quotes About Writing from Famous Authors

Whether you're an aspiring writer, an avid reader, or none of the above you can't help but admit the power and influence the written word has on us all. Writing can be cathartic, informative, distracting, devastating, connecting, and everything in-between.


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