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Which Book Was the Most Popular the Year You Were Born?

We promise we're not trying to guess how old you are. Birthdays should be celebrated! The year we were born was an important year...not just because we came into the world, but because many other things were happening at the time.

Quiz: Who's Your Author BFF Pt. 2?

We all love our best friends. They're our confidantes, the ones we love to be around, laugh with, and be ourselves with! What if we had an author best friend? They'd tell us the best stories, we'd read their new work before anyone else does, and hear all of the latest writer gossip- first hand.

Quiz: Which Character Are You Based On Your Astrological Sign?

If you love reading about your zodiac sign, I'm sure you probably wondered what some of your favorite characters' signs are. You may not be able to tell, but can still make a good guess based on their personalities. Ever wonder what characters share similar traits from your zodiac sign?

Quiz: How Well Do You Spell Pt II

You might not be keen to get up on stage in front of everyone, especially to spell difficult words. Never fear, our spelling quizzes allow you to feel smart and test your spelling knowledge without ever even speaking.

Quiz: How Well Do You Spell? Pt. I

Remember school spelling bees? They could make or break us. We were either the smartest kid in school if we won, or someone who couldn't spell 'coagulate'. No matter our level of spelling, it's fun to test our endurance and knowledge.

Quiz: Which Literary Villain Are You? Part 2!

Have you ever read a book and sided with the villain? It's okay, it doesn't mean you're a bad person, villains can be so interesting! Who doesn't love the part when you learn about their tragic backstory and get into their minds? Hey, you might even feel bad for them.

Quiz: Which Fictional Planet Do You Belong On?

Ever fantasized about living in a different universe while reading a really good book? Unsure about which planet you were destined to be a part of? Some books just make us want to jump right in and never leave. Take this quiz to see which fictional world you would fit right into! 

Quiz: Which Character Are You from "The Office"?

NBC's The Office perfectly captured a mundane work environment where the employees sell paper. Arguably, one of the funniest shows of our time (in my opinion), The Office had an array of unique and quirky characters.

Quiz: Which Fictional Novelist Are You?

Writers are some of the most entertaining people out there. We generally think of writers as quiet, introspective geniuses with little personality, but we think wrong. They are teeming with intrigue and quirks that make them excellent points of entertainment. Take Hunter S.

Poll: Which Adaptation Will Win an Oscar?

The 89th Academy Awards are this Sunday night and we are eager to find out this year's award winners. There are a lot of book to film adaptations up for various awards this year and we can't predict the future, so we'll have to stick to guessing.

Quiz: Which Gossip Girl Are You?

If you’re a person, you probably love gossip. Not everyone indulges in secrets, but there’s little denying how fun it is. It’s not wrong- it’s only human!

Quiz: Which YA Series Do You Belong In?

More often than not, YA novels are considered coming of age novels. Whether they are fantasy, historical, or regular fiction, there's always an adventure at hand, along with a learning experience.

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