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Which is Which: Taylor Swift Lyric or John Green Quote?

Taylor Swift made it perfectly clear on Twitter once that John Green is one of her favorite writers ever, and John Green also expressed that he is an avid fan of the pop singer. During the shooting  of the film adaptation of Paper Towns, Green and Swift made a series of ex

This Is the Hardest British Vocab Quiz You'll Ever Take

When J.K. Rowling wrote the Harry Potter series, she trusted her readers with some knowledge of the British culture. Although we can often figure out the meaning of a word from its context, what would happen when these British words get picked out from the text?

Quiz: Who's Your Daddy?

In honor of Father's Day, we'd like to thank both fictional dads and our dads in real life! If you've ever wondered which literary dad you would throw around the ol' pigskin with, now's your chance. There are many to choose from, so let us know who you get!

Quiz: Which Book-Within-a-Book is Perfect for You?

If there's anything we love more than books, it's books-within-books! While most books-within-books never get the full-length treatment they deserve, we readers can still dream...take this quiz to find out which fictional read fits you best!



Quiz: Can You Name the Author by Their Face?

It's easy to recognize a name of an author and connect it to their work, but can you name them from their face? We don't always recognize the faces of authors unless we've done extensive research on them or have seen their face many times before.

Quiz: Can You Answer These Jeopardy Literature Questions?

Some of our literary knowledge is never put to the test. Why not put it to the ultimate test? Jeopardy! If you call yourself a literary connoisseur, then why not see if it's true? I must admit, these questions are extremely difficult, so proceed at your own caution.

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