Publisher Resources

Publisher Resources

Bookstr connects books with people. Focused on being the best book discovery and recommendation destination in the world, we help our members discover great books with the latest news, curated lists, and trusted book recommendations from the New York Times and The New York Public Library. Our members can track their reading with virtual bookshelves, request free review copies, buy books at competitive prices, and share their love of reading with their friends and other community members.  

Bookstr is the place to connect to your fellow bookworms and explore forthcoming and backlist titles. 


Bookstr is one of the world's fastest growing social discovery platforms for books. To learn more about various marketing opportunities such as sponsored content, targeted email blasts, display advertising, and sponsored giveaways, visit the Advertise With Us page.


Bookstr's free review copy program can help generate awareness of and interest in your forthcoming and backlist titles among our most active members, and is accessible to all publishers and authors at no cost.

All books in the program see an increase in shelving activity (all requests are added to members' WANT TO READ shelves), as well as an organic increase in recommendations, ratings, and reviews if our members enjoyed the book. Books in the program also receive additional exposure through our dedicated bi-weekly email promotions which feature the newest books in the program. 

The program is geo-targeted and is available to our members in the US, Australia, UK, and Canada. We recommend that titles remain available for request for at least 4 weeks, and that you offer 20-50 copies (though we will accept a minimum of 5). At the end of the promotion, you will receive an automated email notification that includes the total number of requests and the mailing addresses of the winners. (Email addresses will be provided for ebook promotions.) 

To submit a book to the review copy program, simply fill out the application form. Be sure to include the ISBN-13 that is associated with the format you would like to give away: print, ebook, or audiobook.

If you have any questions about the program, let us know.


Bookstr has one of the largest book catalogs in the world.

If you can't find a specific book or an author, please complete the Book Submission form to request an addition to our catalog.


Bookstr is an ideal platform for authors to authentically engage with avid readers, sharing their favorite books and experiences as a fellow reader, while also finding new readers for their books. We offer three specific opportunities that can help authors build an audience, as well as links to a variety of additional resources.