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Meet the Woman Behind the Incredible Costumes of Game of Thrones

As many cult followers of the Game of Thrones television show know, each and every single detail is important. Hairstyles, costumes, even split-second facial expressions can reveal a lot about a character. 


Michele Clapton

Image via The Female Gaze


Michele Clapton, six-time Emmy Award winning costume designer, is the woman behind many of the iconic costumes on Game Of Thrones. Everything from Cersei’s blood red dresses in season 3 to Daenerys's pointed grey dress in season 7 was all crafted by Clapton. 



Images via Watchers on the Wall and Pinterest


In an interview with Elle magazine, Clapton said she always liked inserting “codes” into her work through small, not always immediately noticeable or recognizable details. 



Image via Hollywood Reporter


One Canadian woman who recognizes and analyzes these details is Heidi Loney of Costume Cinematographico. Loney is a Toronto based author and YouTuber with 15 years experience as a costumer in many of Toronto’s theaters. She’s done twenty five videos on GoT costumes alone, analyzing everyone from Margaery to Petyr to entire houses. Through these videos, she identifies trends within communities and houses along with changes that reflect in both costume and in the characters themselves. 


Along with costumes, Loney points out in one of her more recent episodes, changes in a character’s hair are also to be noted. Specifically, Cersei Lannister. As most may know, Cersei’s golden hair was chopped off for the season 5 finale during her walk of shame. Loney pointed out that there has been about a year’s time between Cersei’s walk of shame and season 7, making the suggestion that Cersei has purposefully kept her hair short, in the likes of her sons Joffrey and Tommen.  



Gif via Bend the Knee

Along with GoT costume analysis, she has also done a few episodes on Outlander, Blade Runner, and Westworld, just to name a few.


Featured image via The Year of Halloween.