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10 Quotes for You Job Hunters Wondering What It's All For

Whether you’re currently unemployed, underemployed, or just generally miserable because of your miserable boss, you’re probably looking for a new job. To an outsider, getting a job might sound simple. It’s not, especially in the digital age.


6 Books to Read If 'The Walking Dead' Is Your Thing

The Walking Dead is the definitive daydream scenario for any doomsday preppers out there. Not necessarily a nice day dream, but still, if you were Rick Grimes would you really be picking a fight with Negan? Would you try to tough it out on your own or would you find a group?

10 Charles Dickens Quotes to Put Some Magic in the Air

Now is the time to feel the magic of the season upon us. Don't limit yourself solely to tidings of the holidays and boxes wrapped in ruby-colored ribbons. There is change ahead of you and the chance to start anew with some hope and positivity in tow.

10 Neil Gaiman Quotes to Expand Your Consciousness

Neil Gaiman’s stories are populated by slightly askew things from our world. There are people who are just a little inhuman. Maybe they have buttons for eyes or can summon gold coins in their hands. Or maybe our dreams actually happen in a land ruled over by a singular Sandman.


10 Quotes for People Who Miss Their Imaginary Friend

My imaginary friend was named Christina. She actually wasn’t technically imaginary in the traditional sense because she had a physical body. She was a doll. Yes, I know. But it’s because Christina wasn’t just a friend, she was my sister.

6 Books to Read If You're Cuckoo for ‘Coco’

Pixar’s Coco sits comfortably at the top of the box office, and summons tears from audiences of all ages. Seriously, it’s sad. It’s uplifting and everything, but also sad. Oh man, Coco. Poor Coco. If you haven’t seen it, just trust me.


10 Quotes to Remind You Why Dating Is Worth It

Love got you down? Tinder becoming a chore? Are your matches becoming a source of anxiety rather than a beacon of hope? Don't worry, your stress has been felt before and by some very smart people.


10 Mark Twain Quotes to Put a Smile on Your Face

You might know Mark Twain as a writer, but he’s also known as a person who said wise things. He said funny, insightful things that people, to this day, say to themselves for various purposes. Those purposes include: inspiration, laughter, mockery, disdain, hatred. I mean, good things too.