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The Books to Read If You're Buzzing for 'The Last Jedi'

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is blowing audiences away because it’s Star Wars and it’s amazing. It’s just a great franchise that makes people happy. The quirky droids are like comedians, the jedi are like superheroes, and the spaceships are like boats but in space.

10 Federico García Lorca Quotes to Make Your Heart Flutter

Few poets are as unanimously respected as Federico García Lorca. His poetry’s definitely sentimental, but he never relies on cliche. His lines are spread far and wide on every social media platform, which obviously he never would have suspected, having been executed in 1936.

10 Ardent Jane Austen Quotes to Admire and Love

She’s the author and woman we all love; she’s a legend and lady of literature. I’ve read her books and I’m sure you have too. Jane Austen is the writer whose work has embossed its mark in literary history.

Top 10 Stephen King Quotes to Sharpen Your Mind

When you’re young, everything is so uncertain. You might want to be a big deal director, a famous graphic designer, or, hey you’re on Bookstr, a renowned writer. But there are so many options in college. You can study theology or physics or business administration.

14 Pablo Neruda Quotes to Steal Your Heart

Whenever I'm in a certain mood, only words are the cure. I do admit to having a few go-to writers. And when I'm talking writers, I mean poets. Beautiful sonnets that create a universe in your mind and a city in your soul are the kind I enjoy.

6 Books to Read if You're Hankering for More 'Planet Earth'

Fans of the BBC series Planet Earth have the highest highs and the lowest lows. The highs, of course, include the high definition vistas, the close-ups of exotic animals, and David Attenborough’s quirky voiceover. The low is the long wait between seasons. Look, BBC, we get it.

9 New Books That Carry on the Spirit of Their Deceased Authors

Posthumously published books are a bittersweet sort of thing. It’s like time and life carry on whether the author is around or not. It’s just plain sad, but then there’s the brighter side. Before their time was up these author’s gave us one more piece of joy to remember them by.

10 Quotes for the Traveler in Every Book Lover

Many believe that reading a book is like traveling to a distant land and also that the best companion while traveling is a good book. If you're a firm believer in these things, you'll love these ten quotes by authors who love travel as much as us. Get ready to explore! 

Read Your Heart out at These 12 Lovely Locations!

We've all been in that mood when all we want to do is read. But then we also want to people watch when we take a break from hitting the pages. Or perhaps we need to take a deep breath and take in the beauty of our surroundings, whether that be nature or a quiet park.

10 Emily Dickinson Quotes to Help You Transcend Death

Emily Dickinson may well be the best writer Americans have. Her popularization of poetic techniques like enjambment and slant rhymes helped pave the way for the free verse that followed. If there was no Dickinson, then 20th century and modern poetry would sound enormously different.