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Top 10 Gandalf Quotes That You Shall Not Pass up

One of the things J. R. R. Tolkien doesn’t get enough credit for is how he worked with his characters’ voices. Each one is so well-crafted and is easily differentiated from other characters. But more than that, he was able to adopt the characteristics of his characters when writing for them.

10 Nora Ephron Quotes to Help You Make Your Own Happily Ever After

I will very honestly tell you that I’m a romantic. I don't mean the kind that scribbles hearts on the corner of my college-ruled notebook pages, although I am guilty of some serious doodling. I’m talking about the kind of romantic that sees a little bit of light in everything.

10 Dr. Seuss Quotes to Awaken Your Inner Kid

Dr. Seuss is a muse to many a folk. He talks about Whos and the places they’ll go. Though he might only seem like a fun one for kids, he’s also got thoughts for our old-people heads. Though I’ve done my best to write just like Seuss, I’ll give him the mic. Here’s some quotes to peruse.

10 Rockin' Songs That Reference Classic Literature

It’s a little-known fact that to be a good songwriter, you’ve got to be a good storyteller. To pull something from within you that reaches other people ain’t an easy task. Sometimes you need a little help—a little inspiration, if you will.

6 Authors to Check out If You Need More Haruki Murakami

Haruki Murakami can be summed up in a million different ways. There are so many different ways to characterize him that he essentially eschews characterization. Boiling Murakami’s writing down to one set of traits is pointless. He’s surrealistic even when there is nothing surreal happening.

These Pencil Sculptures Are What We Should All Strive for

Pencil sculptures are without a doubt the artform of the future. Why? Because of Instagram. They are all over Instagram. For those not in the know, sculptors shave pencils down enough that they can sculpt the graphite into names, numbers, or characters.

12 Quotes for the Mystical Old Soul

If you decided to read this, you sort of already know who you are. Do you ever have that feeling where you don’t fit in or you feel far from the crowd? I’ve heard the term old soul for much of my life and I claim it as part of my identity.

10 Surprisingly Optimistic Friedrich Nietzsche Quotes

I’ll lay it right out there: I have a very casual, armchair knowledge of philosophy. I got an A in my introduction to philosophy class, though, but it’s also the last philosophy class I took. I do like reading Wikipedia pages on philosophy and philosophers, though.

5 Books for Those Who Prefer 'Law & Order' Over Socializing

Sometimes, it seems to be a universal agreement that Law and Order: Special Victims Unit is one of the best, or the best, crime shows on TV. The true crime stories, piece-by-piece investigations, and variation of characters makes for a true hit.