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10 Times Aesop Dished out Some Old-School Wisdom

Some facts about Aesop: he was around for Ancient Greece, so about 2,500 years ago; he may or may not have been a slave; he was a diplomat; being a diplomat got him tossed off a cliff, which is how he died.


Book Face Is the Best Thing to Come out of Instagram

Librairie Mollat is France’s first independent bookstore, and has been around 121 years. And it’s alive and well in the digital age! It has an absolutely killer Instagram that features some amazingly creative pictures with book art.

Check Out What Music Your Favorite Authors Love

We know you’re always looking for new music. Instead of listening to your local public radio station to find out what the cool college kids are listening to (Hint: it’s probably Migos), let your favorite authors give you some recommendations.

10 Reminders Why You Need Samwise Gamgee in Your Life

Here’s the Fellowship of the Ring: Heir to the throne of Gondor (Aragorn), legendary elf hero (Legolas), axe-throwing dwarf champion (Gimli), demigod wizard man (Gandalf), master of combat and military expert (Boromir), the bearer of the Ring of Power (Frodo), two small tricksters (Merry and Pipp

Get Your Music Recommendations Here From Haruki Murakami!

Haruki Murakami’s body of work is definitely eclectic. The characters are young, old, men, women, small, tall, etc. The settings range from Japan’s coastal villages to the bustling streets of Tokyo to the serene hills near Kyoto. Some may be tinged with the surreal while others bask in it.

10 of Our Biggest Pet Peeves in Literature

Whenever you spend a lot of time doing something you love, you’re bound to come across a few things that just bother you. Vacationing, for instance, is wonderful. But you also have to wait on security at the airport. Not fun. Food is also great. But you have to pay for it. Not fun.