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The Best Librarians in Pop Culture

Entering the library, there's stacks and stacks of books to your left. On your right is a crabby elderly woman hunched over the front desk, sneering at you over her glasses like you've ascended from the dregs of a sewer rat colony. Not quite right?

6 Books to Help Us Understand Law Enforcement

There's a constant flow of death, violence, and hatred appearing on our news feeds. However, this does not mean that love cannot win, and if we want love to win, we must embody love. Before peace can take place, there must first be understanding.

Upcoming Broadway Shows Based on Books

Let's state the obvious for a moment: creative types love paying homage to great works. If done well, it's a win-win: the original gets more recognition and praise for its genius, and the new work aligns itself with that fame while being able to stand on its own.

Authors Who Hate Their Books

It can be disheartening to discover that our favorite authors were not entirely thrilled with the whole of their creative outputs. Rare is the writer who did not have a bone to pick with at least a couple of their novels. As the old cliche goes, "one man's trash is another man's treasure".

Books That Changed Your Favorite Authors Lives

Everyone has a book that changed them profoundly - even the people who write those books. The folks over at Vulture asked 28 authors which books changed their lives the most. Check out their picks below!

The 8 Best Podcasts for Readers

If you’re like us, you think about books even when you’re not reading. For all the times that you can’t stick your nose in a book, we recommend these top-notch literary podcasts. Put them on in the car or while you do the dishes, and thank us later!


Meet the New Generation of Asian-American Writers

The Asian authors that have woven their work into American culture sadly don’t get enough literary space as they should. Even modernist Chinese writers that grew up in China and have profound literary clout globally are easily cast to the fringes.

The Best Illustrated Editions of our Favorite Books

As book lovers, we're not quite sure that a picture is worth a thousand words. We're pretty big fans of words, but we do have to admit that images can add a lot to a story. That's why we put together this list of 10 great illustrated editions of our favorite books.


7 Hilarious Cookbooks That Really Exist

Some people love cooking, others struggle. For those who don’t have an immediate knack for flavor, cooks and chefs have graced us with amazing recipes in the form of cookbooks.

Books for Your Summertime Persona

Summer is here! And with it comes the sweaty, sticky, but also wonderfully sunny days of laze. Even if your summer is a busy one, the idea of the season alone is enough to make you want to cut work and hit the park with a book.

7 Bad-Ass Feminist Sci-Fi Must Reads

Women are often overlooked as lovers of sci-fi worlds, but it just isn’t true. Sci-fi most certainly does not discriminate (it's the people that do). Ask around and you will find women who both love and hate sci-fi- similarly, you will find that men both love and hate sci-fi.

Six Lovely Body Positive Books

Body positive messages are expanding their reach. People are putting down their super-retouched fashion magazines and picking up books and articles with empowering messages for men and women of all sizes.

Reading to Breed Success

We like to think that ‘success’ is more than a financial breakthrough and nabbing millions of Twitter followers. We also like to think that 'success' is defined by purpose and enrichment, rather than yachts and caviar martinis.

Do's and Don'ts of Reading in Public

Most consider reading to be an intensely personal activity. Usually, it's best to keep the emotional theatre that a novel can induce to the confines of one's living quarters. But even purebred introverts go stir crazy sometimes.