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Six Seriously Awesome Crowdsourced Books

Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have made miracles great and small happen for publishers, from helping establish an entirely new press houses to - we're not kidding - launching a '

8 Amazing and Crazy True Stories

Almost anyone’s life can be turned into an intriguing book. So what happens when the most interesting stories are written by excellent writers? A nonfiction book that blows your mind is created!

5 Trends That Are Boosting Book Sales

Barely a quarter of the way into 2016 we’re seeing book numbers skyrocket. This is reason enough to rejoice and treat yourself to a book splurge, especially since it’s the first increase we’ve seen in five years.

The Inspiration Behind the Characters of Harry Potter

Fictional characters are like children. They’re born out of the author, filled with scraps of identity and brimming ideas, and are nursed into being as the chronology unfolds. Like all good parents know, you just can’t pick one favorite.

8 Musicals Based on Books

Sometimes we read a book and dream up the magical world in which it takes places. And occasionally, that world includes fantastic musical numbers.

10 Rainy Day Reads

We need very few excuses to stay cozy at home and read all day. Let’s face it, an entire day curled up in bed, or anywhere with a blanket—really, is better than just about anything else you could be doing with your day.

20 Quotes From Your Favorite Poets

This month we celebrate everything poetry: the writers, the words, and the tedium of craft. But beyond a celebration of novelty and diversity, National Poetry Month is it is also a holiday for admiration.

9 Irrational Fears We Can Blame on Books

There’s something to be said for a book’s unique ability to scare. Unlike movies, which instil fear with creepy visuals and eerie sounds, you can’t see or hear what you read; all you have to guide your gaze are the words.

7 Childrens Books Every Adult Should Read

There’s a reason we all begin our literary careers with children’s books. The words are digestible for our teensy little lexicons, the illustrations are captivating, and the messages are all parent approved. But why did we ever stop reading them?