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You Know You're a Single Book Nerd When...

Supposedly winter is when people are most anxious to find a significant other. And yet here we are. Maybe we turn to a nice paperback for comfort. You can relate. You know you’re a single book nerd when…


10 Martin Luther King Jr. Quotes to Make You Take Action

Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” is likely one of the most inspiring things you can read. As the title suggests, King wrote it in jail, and it is essentially a treatise in defense of nonviolent direct action. More broadly, it’s about doing something instead of nothing.

8 Book-Themed Socks to Keep You Toe-sty

When I was growing up, I was always told that the clothes make the man. That’s why I wore graphic t-shirts until I was twenty-four. More specifically, I think, socks can really fill out your outfit. They’re like a mystery surprise for anybody who happens to look at your ankles.

9 Book Adaptations We'll Never Get to See

You know how whenever a new book adaptation is announced, someone goes, “Why can’t they come up with their own ideas nowadays?” While that person isn’t wrong, they are missing the big picture.

8 Romantic Reads to Woo Your Boo on Valentine's Day

Whether you’re single or taken, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to make a date with a new book. Pick up a bottle of your favorite wine and settle in for a romantic night with one of these swoon-worthy book picks. 


Don't Worry About a Thing with These 10 Bob Marley Quotes

His music has the power to sooth your worries and raise your hopes. In his time he’s brought waves of peace to countless people, making him a spiritual icon. Bob Marley would’ve been seventy-three today and the world sure could use someone like him nowadays.

Did You Know? 7 Facts About Haruki Murakami

Haruki Murakami is by far the most popular Japanese author alive, and yet he’s remarkably private. He’s famously reclusive and resistant to fame. He’s been married to Yoko Murakami since 1971, and she’s always been his first reader.

10 Frederick Douglass Quotes to Liberate Your Mind

Frederick Douglass, among other things, became the first African American to be nominated for Vice President, alongside Victoria Woodhull. I just learned that. He also became a highly influential abolitionist after escaping slavery in Maryland, which is amazing.