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10 of Our Biggest Pet Peeves in Literature

Whenever you spend a lot of time doing something you love, you’re bound to come across a few things that just bother you. Vacationing, for instance, is wonderful. But you also have to wait on security at the airport. Not fun. Food is also great. But you have to pay for it. Not fun.

10 Times Gollum Said What We Were All Thinking

A young man once found a ring abandoned at the bottom of a river. He dove in and grabbed it. He held onto the ring and realized, one day, he wasn’t aging. As long as he had it in his possession, he wouldn’t die. So he held onto it for a long time.

10 Moments From Romantic Poetry That'll Make You Feel Sublime

The Romantic poets have a special place in every English major’s heart. John Keats was a young genius taken too early by consumption. Lord Byron was a complicated womanizer, equally disdained and adored. Percy Bysshe and Mary Shelley were the young couple at the center.

14 Reasons English Majors Are Amazing in Bed

English majors are known for a handful of personality traits. They are quiet, compassionate, maybe a little shy. But they’re not known for their gargantuan sex drives. Maybe they should be. Sup, ladies?


8 Romantic Poems That Will Add a Literary Touch to Your Wedding Vows

I am nowhere near to getting married anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t thought of what I’d like to have as part of that 'big day'. Aside from special touches and decorative themes, I love to write and I’ve often thought of that dreaded four-letter word: Vows.

15 Stories Every Creative Writing Professor Has Read

As a former adjunct professor of creative writing, I can't offer the world much besides $4 for one cup of tea and my teaching stories. I've already spent $4 for a cup of tea this week, so I am now going to share with you my limited teaching wisdom.

10 Terry Pratchett Quotes to Bend Your Brain

Funny writers are weirdly rare. There’s Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, Jonathan Swift, um. J. K. Rowling writes funny things sometimes. Oh, Douglas Adams! Steve Martin wrote a book. Amy Schumer too.