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9 Otherworldly Quotes from Florence Welch

She is the queen of all things indie and rock and her essence is pure magic. With a voice of an angel and the aura of something you can’t quite describe, Florence Welch doesn’t seem like she’s of this world. Her music and her words have settled in us and we want them to stay there.

11 of the Funniest Lit-Related Tweets from the Last Week

Sooo... we know we usually do this on Fridays, to get you pumped and laughing for the weekend, but alas, time got away from us last Friday, and so you get a little boost for your Monday instead! That's right, today is the day everyone.

5 Lit-Related Tweets For All Your Friday Needs!

Oh that lovely Friday feeling; nothing and I mean nothing can beat that. Maybe if food was involved then everything would be bliss on a stick, but for now we’ve got something that could help.

5 Books From My Childhood That Still Make Me Cry

When I remember my mother reading these stories to me or paging through them under the covers in the dark with my tiny reading light, it brings a tear to my eye. Okay, maybe several tears. Alright, alright, maybe I completely break down from the overwhelming nostalgia.

5 of Your Favorite Bookworm Characters from Literature!

August 9th is Book Lovers Day! As a book-obsessed kid, I often found myself latching on to bookworms within the books themselves. It's awesome to read a book and find your own passions reflected in a character. Here are a few amazing book lovers we find in our pages (and screens)!