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10 Amazing Quotes to Get to Know the Genius Anne Sexton

November 9th marks the birthday of Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Anne Sexton. She was well known for her intensely personal, confessional poetry that revealed the intimate details of her private life and struggles with mental health.

10 Ezra Pound Quotes to Make You a True Poet

October 30th marks the birthday of one of the greatest American poets. Ezra Pound has set a high standard in what poetry is and what it means. From his work in the modern poetry movement to the development of Imagism, Pound was and still is a literary legend.


The 2019 Walt Whitman Award Is Ready for You!

The Academy of American Poets announced that 2019 Walt Whitman Award, the nation’s most valuable first-book prize for poetry, is ready for the next poet-to-be! This year's judge will be Li-Young Lee.


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