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3 Books to Read if You Love 'Fallout'

Ever since nuclear weapons were invented, humans have lived in constant fear of each other. At the press of a button, nuclear warheads could destroy a country and potentially cause astronomical amounts of damage and loss of life compared to other disasters and weapons.

5 Wild Author Rejection Stories

Sometimes publishers reject books for legitimate reasons, like if a book contains immature prose or an uninteresting concept, or if it bears too much similarity to a book the publisher has recently released. But other times, publishers reject books for simply ridiculous reasons, i.e.

Oxford University Opens Explicit Book Collection After 100 Years

Madonna and Oscar Wilde have more in common than their status as icons of the LGBT+ community: they're both authors of 'obscene' works. After 136 years of censorship, Oxford University is opening its restricted collection—one of the world's largest—to the public in a historic exhibition.

Exclusive Interview With Brigid Hughes, Editor of 'A Public Space'!

In 2006, Brigid Hughes, a Brooklyn-based literary editor founded A Public SpaceA Public Space is an independent nonprofit literary magazine that publishes fiction, poetry, essays, and art, and has published the work of some incredible authors, including Haruki Murakami, Daniel Ala

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