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20 Soulful Quotes from Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse was a renowned singer, remembered for her deep and expressive voice. Her vocal range enchanted many fans and continues to channel the star's blues even after her tragic death.

Bookstr's Three to Read for This Week 9/10

Monday always seems to come around too quickly, doesn't it? Thankfully, that means we are back, too, and we're bringing with us three great books for you to read this week. If you're unsure about what book to pick up next, hopefully, this list will help you choose!


Why We Can't Get Enough of Judy Blume

If you payed attention in grade school or were a total bookworm during your childhood, you probably know the name Judy Blume. She features on many back to school reading lists, as well as being a favorite of young adult readers the world over.

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