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You Can Now Buy and Read Strangers' Diaries on eBay

From a grilled cheese with the Virgin Mary’s face on it to air from a Kanye West concert, you can definitely buy some pretty out there stuff on eBay — but did you know that you can also find hundreds of written-in diaries on the site?


Malala Yousafzai's New Book to Shed Light on Refugee Crisis

Malala Yousafzai is not your average twenty-year-old.  When she's not busy studying at Oxford University, she is promoting girls' right to a quality education around the world.  When she was seventeen, she became the youngest ever winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, and she is already a best-selling

This Maya Angelou Stamp Got It All Wrong

It's a frustrating thing when someone insists you said something that you damn well know you didn't... Or did you? Well, I'm sure many authors and movie stars would feel the same way considering how often they are misquoted.


Diane Keaton's Home Is a Pinterest User's DREAM

Let me start off by stating that if I said I didn't like or use Pinterest, I'd be a liar! That is my go-to app for tips, visuals, recipes, and absolutely beautiful pictures. Do I want to look up steps to a cake I'll probably never bake? Yes, please. Am I feeling some fall foliage vistas?

He Hated Reading Until He Was 17, Now He's a Bestseller

I don't think any of us could say we're the same kid we once were, riding the school bus everyday, causing mischief with our friends in the school cafeteria. Change is the one thing that's absolutely inevitable. It can be both a blessing and a curse.

Annoyingly Cute Commuter Love Story Will Infuriate and Delight You

All right, let me start off by saying that I am a total cornball for these kinds of stories. Maybe not a complete cornball, but a special kind. One who's kind of realistic, but still hopes, believes, and daydreams that anything could happen on any given day. We just don't know.

5 JFK Assassination Books to Go Well With Your Tinfoil Hat

It's funny how time never seems to lessen our curiosity and desire to find the answers to certain questions. Perhaps we don't feel satisfied with what we're given, or deep down we know there's just something out there that we can't quite reach.

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