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5 of the Creepiest Folklore Stories From Around The Globe

Throughout our long existence on this planet, we have been able to explain many of the events our species has witnessed. Through science and mere observation, we have concluded and deduced some of the most marvelous phenomena we have every witnessed.

10 Ardent Jane Austen Quotes to Admire and Love

She’s the author and woman we all love; she’s a legend and lady of literature. I’ve read her books and I’m sure you have too. Jane Austen is the writer whose work has embossed its mark in literary history.

The Rise and Fall of Mark Twain's Hypothetical Cocaine Empire

We all know Samuel Langhorne Clemens (a.k.a Mark Twain) for his historical and all-American novels. They're pretty much a part of every required reading list, so, of course, you would think you've heard it all about this literary and historical figure, right? Think again.


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