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The Best Books of 2018 According to Goodreads Readers

Surely we've all gone to see a profoundly boring film with bleak comments about the nature of being, interspersed with eclectic yet disjointed scenes and the occasional shaky-cam. If the point of the movie was to reiterate the pointlessness of existence, we think upon leaving, it certainly achiev

Wattpad to Introduce Payment Per Month for Popular Online Writers

If you've never been on Wattpad before, Wattpad is essentially a free story sharing site where writers have the opportunity to write their stories and publish them on the site for others to read. Since 2006, the site has hosted millions of stories from people all over the world.

The 'Bad Sex Awards' Shortlist Has Been Released

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and we are now moving into the best time of the year: the time where people smile and laugh in the warmth of their homes, the time where the only thing to do in the middle of a blizzard is to curl up like a cat and read a good story.

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