It’s Official: People Find Readers Incredibly Attractive

At least according to this new dating app

It’s Official: People Find Readers Incredibly Attractive

The results are in and it looks like reading really is attractive! At least according to statistics pulled from MyBae, a new dating app. MyBae works by allowing users to search for potential lovers using hashtags (or #tags) “to find partners that interest them.” The hashtags are suppose to narrow down the list of potential mates with desirable “passions, hobbies, or the sexuality they identify with.”

For those of us who don’t want to experiment with what works and what doesn’t work in the dating world, MyBae shared some statistics they found. According to their research, 21% of matched people had reading in common, which was “much stronger than the average of 15% for all other matches.” So our suspicions have been verified: reading is super important! 

While other aspects of a person are important, people with reading or book related tags “had a slightly improved chance of matching,” with someone.

Even if you’re not planning on using MyBae, it’s nice to know that people find reading as important (and attractive, apparently) as we do!

Image courtesy of Jeff and Will.