5 Books to Binge-Read After Binge-Watching 'Stranger Things'

Fill your 'Stranger Things' void with books!

5 Books to Binge-Read After Binge-Watching 'Stranger Things'

From Our Friends at BookSparks

Did you watch "Stranger Things" on Netflix?  Did you tear through it? Were you left wanting more? Then check out one of these books, sure to leave you riveted. Filled with the supernatural and extraterrestrial, normal people in bizarre circumstances, and a tinge of nostalgia, these books are must reads for anyone looking for stranger things... 

The Alienation of Courtney Hoffman by Brady Stefani



Despite her wishes to the contrary, Courtney is far from an ordinary teenager. More than the bizarre tattoo her grandfather gave her as a child, Courtney is surrounded by strange circumstances. Courtney struggles to balance her mundane issues—growing up and dealing with malicious rumors—with her new extraterrestrial issues—the aliens who claim an alliance with her late grandfather and her friend’s apocalyptic visions.  Tangled and intriguing, this novel will lead you through twists and turns into a satisfying resolution.


Welcome to Night Vale by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor


Based on the popular podcast by the same name, Welcome to Night Vale: A Novel follows two women through their efforts to unravel mysteries in an already mysterious town. In Night Vale, a small desert town somewhere in the American Southwest, you can find ghosts, aliens, and government conspiracies around every turn. In this bizarre town, Jackie Fierro searches for the meaning behind a paper she literally cannot put down, marked “KING CITY,” given to her by a man in a tan jacket that no one can seem to remember. At the same time, PTA treasurer Diane Crayton struggles to reconnect with her shapeshifter son and is led in turn to the same two words: “KING CITY.”  This novel, both surreal and enchanting, will be impossible to put down.

Glass Shatters by Michelle Meyers


A man wakes up in a room he doesn’t know without any memories of who he is. Picking through the objects in the house, the man discovers clues to his past—he is Charles Lang, a scientist whose wife and daughter disappeared under mysterious circumstances several years prior. As he recovers memories that may or may not be his own, he discovers a chance to reunite with his family. Haunting and thrilling, Glass Shatters explores fate and free will, reality and fiction, and the risks of reinvention and pushing the limits of science. 

The Tommyknockers by Stephen King


In small town Haven, something has turned everything in the town strange and dangerous.  Bobbi Anderson and everyone else in her town have gained powers beyond ordinary humans due to mysterious circumstances.  Those circumstances also happen to be buried in the woods behind Bobbi’s house.  Together with her friend, Jim, Bobbi finds an alien spacecraft.  The more they learn, the more the other citizens begin to change, melding into one homicidal and brilliant being acting on behalf of the aliens who piloted the ship. Stephen King is sure to engage with another incredible and riveting story.

John Dies at the End by David Wong

Best friends Dave and John are at the center of an otherworldly invasion set to enslave humanity.  A drug, called soy sauce, opens a window to other dimensions, allowing people to see things they otherwise couldn’t (like the future or the life of a chicken before it became food).  It also allows other, more malicious things through; invaders from the other side.  Both hilarious and horrifying, this novel is a ride from start to finish and is sure to leave you at the very edge of your seat.

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