10 Middle-Grade Reads to Add to Your List

Middle-grade is just a title- adults join in!

10 Middle-Grade Reads to Add to Your List

From Our Friends at BookSparks

Middle-grade literature, for those who don't know, is technically targeted towards the age group below YA. But just like a good YA novel, a good middle-grade book will keep someone of any age thoroughly entertained. Any skeptics should be reminded that Harry Potter is considered middle-grade lit!

These adventurous and adrenaline-inducing reads are sure to leave every middle grade fan literary satisfied this fall. 

Snow Fright by Amie Borst & Bethanie Borst


Usually when teenagers look in the mirror the only event that occurs is the realization that they need to brush their hair. What happens to Sarah White is unthinkable: she is swallowed whole and becomes a zombie. Her new terrifying underworld location is one not even Snapchat could detect. Craving brains and wishing for acne instead of decaying flesh, Sarah must fight for her humanity and save her beloved friends. This gorgeously eccentric perspective on the absurdities of teenage-hood and zombie life will leave every reader’s carnal literary cravings ultimately satisfied.


Operation Tenley by Jennifer Gooch Hummer


Meet Tenley Tylwyth – the teenager who can control weather. The only problem: mother nature doesn’t appreciate the competition. The only way for Tenley to protect her life from the wrath of nature is by turning to ancestors of fairies. Brimming with soul-stirring adventure and unpredictability, Operation Tenley is the can’t-miss thrilling adventure to embark on this fall. 


The Secret Keepers by Trenton Lee Stewart


An antique watch with secret powers? Just as cool as it sounds, and that’s exactly what teenager Reuben thinks when he first discovers it. Then his life changes forever. Thrust into the adventure of a lifetime, Reuben must decipher a plethora of tantalizingly mysterious clues to not only save his life and that of his friends, but to spare his city from an unspeakable fate. Crafted with brilliant intrigue and endless excitement, every kid needs this read on their bookshelf.


Moo by Sharon Creech  


Sometimes the greatest adventures occur by letting others in and discovering life through daring new experiences. When one family ditches the big city for the quaint and considerably quieter streets of rural Maine, one of the greatest friendships is born: tween Reena bonds with none other than a pretty darn special cow. Just as heartwarming and life-changing as it sounds, bonding with a cow certainly beats catching a digital Pokémon who doesn’t care about your feelings.


Emily Windsnap and the Ship of Lost Souls by Liz Kessler


Most kids are already obsessed with this New York Times bestselling series of adventures. If not, they will be. This incredibly adventurous tale of Emily’s field trip to a mysterious island and the strange appearances of a ghost ship is simply haunting. Bursting with literary exhilaration, mermaids, Atlantis and the underworld, this thrilling middle grade delight will be the talk of every tween this fall.


Wish by Barbara O’Connor


When eleven-year-old Charlie Reese is sent to North Carolina to live with family she hardly knows, she becomes buried in loneliness and disappointment. Then the dog of her dreams comes along, and trust us, the furry friend not only changes her life but her outlook on family entirely. This heartwarming tale will leave every child’s (and realistically every parent’s, too) heart full of feels all year long.


Kalifus Rising: Legends of Orkney by Alane Adams


Leave it to the brilliant Alane Adams to entrance readers from the first fantastical word until her very last. This exhilarating adventure trails Sam Baron on the next leg of his quest after saving the magical kingdom of Orkney in The Red Sun. This time the tale involves vicious witch enchantments and powerful mystical artifacts – and Sam fighting for his freedom. if you thought Adams’ first middle grade masterpiece was hard to put down, good luck maintaining a personal life while devouring Kalifus Rising


The Littlest Bigfoot by Jennifer Weiner


Friendless and lonely, Alice Mayfair feels as if she floats through her existence unnoticed and ignored by everyone around her – even her own family. Shipped off to yet another boarding school, Alice discovers a friend in Millie Maximus, a girl she rescues from drowning who just so happens to be a part of the Bigfoot tribe. Sworn to secrecy, Alice vows to protect Millie’s true identity, but will a secret league of hunters threaten to destroy their friendship forever? Hysterical and a raw account on the fragilities and strengths of friendship, Weiner’s latest tale will leave you mesmerized.


Night of the Ninth Dragon by Mary Pope Osborne


Kids who are fans of the Magic Tree House series will simply devour this magically thrilling Camelot tale. Superfluous with history and captivating Welsh legends – Knights of the Round Table and King Arthur included – Jack and Annie’s latest adventure will leave every middle grader totally obsessed and craving the next fantastical installment!


Tales from the Haunted Mansion by Amicus Arcane  


Tales from the Haunted Mansion is the perfectly spooky choice for fall reading adventures. Based on the thrilling Haunted Mansion attraction at the Disney parks, this ghastly read tells the story of each of the mansion’s 999 ghosts. Prep the blankets to hide under — it’s time for chills!