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Is Pottermore No More? Concerns Raised as Website Sacks Editorial Staff
J.K. Rowling's Pottermore, an interactive website having to do with all things Harry Potter, launched in 2012, and had, it seemed, been going from strength to strength ever since. However BuzzFeed News has learned that the site has recently fired the majority of their editorial team, giving rise to concerns that the website's future may be in jeopardy.


11 of the Most Hilarious Bookstore Signs We Could Find
I love spending time in bookstores, not only because I can spend hours there perusing books, but also because I feel like the people there understand me. If I wasn't already tempted to walk into a bookstore, one of the following hilarious signs would be guaranteed to pull me in.


George R.R. Martin
Quiz: Can You Guess What These Famous Initials Stand for?
Pen names are common, but sometimes they get confusing when they're just the author's actual name but in disguise.