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Brigid Hughes and the covers of the past few issues of 'A Public Space'
Exclusive Interview With Brigid Hughes, Editor of 'A Public Space'!
Brigid Hughes is a Brooklyn-based literary editor and in 2006, she became the founder of A Public Space. A Public Space is an independent nonprofit literary magazine that publishes fiction, poetry, essays, and art. A Public Space has published the work of incredible authors, including Haruki Murakami, Daniel Alarcón, Anna Deavere Smith, and Jesmyn Ward, among others. A Public Space declares its mission to be “to seek out overlooked and unclassifiable work, and to publish writing from beyond established confines.”


Top 5 Most Crazy Expensive Book Deals
'Riches' and 'creative writing' are not words that many people would associate. Writers are far more notorious for their eccentricities than for their stackloads of cash. But just because something is unlikely doesn't mean that it's impossible. Writers can score wild book deals... and some of them do.


The Little Drummer Girl giveaway!
Enter for a Chance to Win $1000 in Getaway Money!!
Enter for a chance to win $1000 in getaway cash, courtesy of AMC's newest spy thriller, 'The Little Drummer Girl' and Bookstr!


Which Calligraphic Script Type Are You?
Which Calligraphic Script Type Are You?
Find out which beautiful type of Islamic calligraphy matches your personality.